Tech Support

Known technical issues Version 80:  No known issues as of 8-18-2013.

Version 70 and below: These versions require that .NET be installed. If you get a (0x0000135) error after you download and install the application you will need to get Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 installed on your machine:

Please click on the link above and it will take you to a Microsoft download page. It is suggested that you save the .net download to your desktop and then double click and install from there. Sometimes it takes from 5-10 minutes for .net to install on a system that does not have it so please be patient.

CD purchases: If you have purchased a CD from a local bookstore under no circumstances call to swap out the product if there is a problem installing. Only 1 in 500 installation problems are a bad CD so even if you swap out the CD, the new CD most likely will not install. It is a lot easier and faster to send us an email telling us what is wrong or where the trouble is and we will take care of it.

Hours of Operation: Our hours for tech support are from 9 am -5 pm est. M-F est. except federal government holidays. Unless our email server is down or we do not get your email, we are very good at getting back to you promptly with the correct solution or with further instructions on what to do or to make telephone contact if necessary.

To get tech support, you must first tell us about the problem by email. Send your email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. About 98% of all problems can be readily handled with our returning instructions on what to do by email.

For those problems that require greater attention in our return email we will give you our tech support phone number to call. Please when you call, call with your computer on. It is very easy for us to resolve the problem by simply directing you on what to do instead of your trying to write everything down and doing it at a later time.

The software engineers who design the product also do tech support. As such, we don't have very many problems. Most problems come from outside our product such as viruses that wipe out essential computer files and from hardware failures that cripple the product and sometimes result in reinstallation problems.