M.A.D.™ Law Outline Q&A

Memorize, Apply and Dissertate™ is the only way to learn the law. Each M.A.D.™ Law Outline is specifically geared to address the problems you have in creating a system to effectively memorize the law.  From their layout, to their exam writing definitions and majority and minority law, you have the perfect formula to quickly and efficiently memorize the law.

Located in M.A.D.™ Law Outline is a series of legal topics organized by sections with appropriate numbers assigned to each section. The section page identifies the topic, and at the same time it lists the definition. This is the definition that you should memorize and use in writing for exams. Following the topic page comes the elements page(s) listing the elements of the law that explain the given definition. These elements of law need to be memorized, as you will need them for legal analysis. Note: Pay particular attention to memorizing majority and minority law as this will aid you significantly in answering MBE questions and writing exams.

Included in every M.A.D.™ Law Outline is a bank of questions and answers to help you learn how to apply the law to supplement any time that you spend on case brief(s).

A M.A.D.™ Law Outline makes law really easy to learn.  90% of all the law is simple and easy to understand. If you memorize the elements you will know all the legal analysis for law school exam writing by simply turning the elements into questions and answering the questions. The other 10% is idiomatic because it is based on concepts. So any outline you need must have all the elements and good explanations for the idiomatic concepts. You need to be able to memorize your outline. Contained in these outlines are all the elements of the law as well as the definitions that you need to use and memorize so you can do exceptionally well on your law school exam writing. You can easily customize them in seconds to reflect class discussions. Each outline contains 100's and 100's of application questions and answers to help you learn and how to apply that 10% of the idiomatic law which occasionally might be difficult to grasp.

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